Saturday, June 2, 2012

Noisy Boy (Real Steel) paper model, hard difficulty

Noisy boy is a Japanese robot who fought Rubricon for the WRB belt in 2016. He has a record of 15-2. His first lost was to Rubricon in 2016 which was a close round up until the third round where Rubricon got lucky with a punch to the face that K.O. Noisy. His last fight was lost to Midas, the Crash Palace king where Noisy lost his right arm and head. Noisy was sold to fight underground bots when he lost to Rubricon. He has fought in Japan, London, and Brazil. He was created by Tak Mashido. The same bot designer who made Zeus.

that is a little story from Real Steel Movie (2011). Do you want your own robot?, built your own "Noisy Boy" paper model/papercraft here. hope you like it :)

nb: hard difficulty :D

Noisy boy (Real Steel) download